Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Graceful exit of program

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Hope you all remember the idioms  like "Passed out with flying colours, At your finger tips "used in our school days.

Its time to learn the program idioms.

"Gracefull exit" is an program idiom used by the programmers.

When your program, crashes due to some unexpected thing. What will happen to 

1. the things which reside in the program memory.
2. Sockets connections 
3. Cursors opened in the database

All the information in memory will be lost and some locks created by the program will remain. This will cause some unexpected things.

What is grace full exit?

The process of handling the errors and getting required information when the program shutdown unexpectly is called grace full exit.

The program will gather all the required information when the program shutdown.

Is unexpected shut down is grace full exit

No, it not only the unexpected shut down. Consider the server, which will continuously serves for the client request. In such situation To shutdown the server you will force application to bring down the server. At such situations it is necessary to  collect the some information from the server which is running.

The collection of such information is also an grace full exit.


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